New Donors of November

December 01, 2020

7 new sperm donors were added to Fairfax Cryobank’s donor catalog this month!

Happy young mother relaxing with her little daughter in golden and colorful autum nature

This November we are giving thanks to all our new sperm donors. Find out more about Fairfax’s 7 new sperm donors below!

donor 6163 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 6163

Donor 6163 is a bright, deep thinking man who is also a talented classical pianist. You can listen to him play in his audio clip. He teaches piano lessons in his spare time and is dedicated to his musical growth by taking lessons himself and sticks to a rigorous practice schedule. He is curious about the world and appreciates the value of learning new things. He loves to travel and explore other cultures. He is not prideful, rather he is self-aware and understanding of others, believing people should not take themselves too seriously. He is organized, resourceful, and a very interesting person. Tall and athletic, he is very fit. He does bodyweight strength training, jiu-jitsu, and gymnastics. He also stays active while spending time with his family by taking walks and bike rides with his parents. A recent widower, he appreciates the value of family. He is a creative and humble man who is very charming.

donor 5490 baby photo

Non-ID Graduate Donor 5490

Donor 5490 is kind, compassionate and friendly. He loves physical fitness so much that he became a fitness instructor. A college wrestler and coaching after that time, he is driven to be the best version of himself. He obtained an engineering degree and later went on to obtain his MBA to start his own business. Aside from working very hard, he enjoys getting together with friends and playing either soccer or baseball.. Very fit, he has broad shoulders and a chiseled chest. He has a lovely straight nose that is proportional to his face. His eyes are a unique shade of blue that make you want to keep staring. His cheeks are perfectly rosy and complement his eyes perfectly. To top it off, he has a full head of thick medium blond hair as well as a beard that gives him a clean-cut, rugged look. He has been told he looks like Matt Damon, and we agree.

Donor 6162 baby photo

Non-ID Graduate Donor 6162

Donor 6162 is an independent, disciplined person who enjoys writing and spending time outdoors. He is environmentally conscious and loves working with animals. As a Boy Scout, he spent a lot of time in nature and has continued to do so in his adult life. While he is an introverted person, he values the support his friends and family provide. He is a risk-taker and even gave up his job to go back to school and earn a degree in geography, a field he is passionate about. He is a serious and calm person, and always has something interesting to say. Attractive with a toned build, he stays active by biking and being outdoors in nature. In addition to staying fit, he also meditates to keep his mind healthy and help reduce stress.

Donor 6263 baby photo

ID Donor 6263

Donor 6263 is a down-to-earth outdoorsman who has a love for all things that are unique. Growing up in a small, rural community, this donor values respect and empathy above all and highly appreciates the patience and self-confidence that were instilled in him from living in a tight-knit town. He loves to do things differently from the crowd—most apparent in his love for building computers and playing both the electric and acoustic guitar. When he is not developing his musical or technical skills, he is reading a 14-book sci-fi series or traveling the world on his own. His goal in life is to find happiness and a purpose in the world and urges others to leave home and do the same. Tall and slender, his most defining feature is his long, blonde naturally highlighted hair. His kind, oval-shaped eyes are a deep ocean blue and accentuated by his long eyelashes. He has a full set of lips that reveal dimples when he enthusiastically talks about his latest ventures.

donor 6078 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 6078

Donor 6078 is a dedicated father and husband who is a hard worker with an introspective approach. Easy going in his personal life, he is focused and dedicated in his professional pursuits. He grew up the child of missionaries and has spent many years overseas. He sees the value in being spiritual and compassionate. He has even been to seminary and hopes to be a missionary himself one day. Working on improving himself is a daily endeavor. In his free time, he likes to play guitar and sing. He is always very kind and professional. His attitude would be described as bright and generally cheerful. He keeps himself in good shape and is overall fit. He has a strong jawline that is complimented nicely by his endearing smile. His eyes are very friendly. Overall, he is very handsome.

Donor 6079 baby photo

ID Donor 6079

Donor 6079 is an articulate, thoughtful, and kind-hearted man. Driven to succeed in his family business, he has high goals for financial security. He is a real stand-up guy; he seeks to do the right thing and lives by a high moral standard. Often a confidant for his family and friends, he considers his trustworthiness a valuable trait. He is empathetic, caring and always takes a positive approach to life. He gets along well with his family, especially his mother. Investing in homes and then flipping them is a hobby he enjoys. He likes to travel and be outside as much as possible. Tall and lean, he stays fit by running. One of the first things you notice about him is his soft hazel eyes. He has an inviting smile and carries himself well.

Donor 5571 baby photo

Non-ID Graduate Donor 5571

Donor 5571 is a bright, driven man with an adventurous spirit. Our staff says he is one of the nicest guys they have met. Well-spoken with a resonating voice, he is thoughtful and kind-hearted. He is a skilled problem solver and critical thinker. Although he is currently in grad school for computer science and spends most of his time studying, he takes road trips when he can to exciting cities he has never visited before. To ease his mind, he enjoys a nice run. He is a simple yet hard working man that is driven to reach his goals. He is tall and fit with sun kissed skin. His eyes squint with a welcomed warmth when he walks in the room as he greets us

With over 450 sperm donors in the Fairfax Cryobank donor catalog, we’re here to help you find your perfect match! Start your search today.

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