New Sperm Donors of February

March 01, 2021

Get to know 7 delightful new sperm donors added to Fairfax’s donor search in February

a woman who is pregnant with 2 cute snow shoes on her pregnant belly

7 new sperm donors were added to Fairfax Cryobank’s donor search in February and they’re delightful! These donor’s interests range from playing the piano to woodworking and surfing to origami. Get to know the donors below!

donor 5919 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 5919

Donor 5919 is a very happy and laid-back man who believes life should not be taken too seriously. Although appearing care-free, he is extremely passionate about protecting animals, and most especially our environment. He spends all his free time outdoors and loves discussing a new trail he found to hike and the best places to go camping with buddies. He is hardworking and has plans to pursue a master’s degree soon. He is creative and enjoys woodworking and playing the guitar. Our staff finds him very handsome. He has a tall, fit physique and tan-hued skin due to his time spent surfing. His thick chestnut-brown hair is complemented by his warm hazel eyes. His infectious smile catches the most attention. He resembles Jensen Ackles from CW’s Supernatural.

donor 6129 baby photo

ID Donor 6129

Donor 6129 is a very motivated and passionate young man. He sets goals for himself and works hard to get there. He is humble and honorable and seems like a very nice, kind man. He is studying physics and once he completes his degree, he plans to join the Navy and apply for the most elite assignments. He seeks out adventure, looking for that adrenaline high. He is very competitive and pushes himself hard in team sports. He is a bold presence in any room with his tall, muscular build. He takes care of himself by working out daily as a college athlete. He takes great pride in his athleticism and strength. He softens his outer appearance with a great, charismatic smile.

donor 6129 baby photo

ID Donor 5854

Donor 5854 is calm and easygoing. He has a warm personality and is polite and kind. An avid runner, he has a disciplined schedule and trains for marathons. He is motivated and tenacious. He is a current college student with big dreams of becoming a real estate mogul. When he is not studying, he likes to spend his time being active outside, singing or creating music on the computer. He looks like the quintessential surfer. He is tall, has an athletic build with toned muscles and tan skin. His frame is perfectly complemented by his baby blue eyes, dark sandy blond hair, and well-defined jaw. You can catch his bright and friendly smile peeking out against his neatly trimmed beard.

donor 6327 baby photo

ID Donor 6327

Donor 6327 is a very bright, hardworking man who is a talented singer. He describes himself as laid back, wanting to be the funny man in the room, but not as outspoken as most. A passionate singer, he has been in choirs throughout school and now continues to be part of singing groups since graduating. In his free time, he also relaxes by doing origami, building models, and drawing. He has a love for helping others and improving the environment. An avid traveler, he can make the most of any travel destination. His compassion towards others is admirable, saying he wants to learn to express unconditional kindness. His dark, almond-shaped eyes and wavy, black hair contrast well with his fair complexion. He has a straight, smile that simply beams. His facial features are quite serene and calming.

donor 5698 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 5698

Donor 5698 is a compassionate and highly intelligent man who looks for ways to help others. Devoted to his young daughter, he has a warm, sympathetic soul. He is patient and curious, and when speaking to others he always strives to see the situation from their perspective. He is a family man, and he credits his loving parents for instilling in him his strong ethical framework. A talented musician, he loves writing and performing music. He also enjoys reading thought-provoking novels. He is a handsome man with dazzling moss-green eyes that hold a collected, intelligent gaze. His wavy, ash-brown hair and straight well-groomed brows contrast nicely with his clear, light complexion. This donor has a fit build that he maintains by hiking and cycling, and his polished, professional appearance is completed with tasteful, well-fitted clothing.

donor 6321 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 6321

Donor 6321 is an articulate and bright man with a solid future ahead of him. His past military experience reinforces his sense of respect and duty, both are very important to him. He is pursuing a graduate degree while working as a software engineer. A problem-solver, he likes to build systems that are efficient. He plans to expand his career to be an entrepreneur of his own company soon. He is very devoted to his fiancé and looking forward to having a family with her, buying a house, and settling down. He has a thick head of wavy brown hair and a cute smile. He resembles actor Casey Affleck.

donor 6150 baby photo

ID Donor 6150

Donor 6150 is a caring, adventurous individual who believes it is important to be kind and help others. He is an EMT and hopes to be a nurse practitioner in the future. His adventurous spirit shines through in his love of travel including biking across the continental United States for four months traveling to all 48 states. His creativity expresses in his interest in tinkering and cooking. Reserved and friendly, he is always a pleasure to talk to. He is slim with an athletic build. He stays fit by biking often and almost always has his helmet with him when he comes to the office. His dark eyes are observant and curious about his surroundings. His caring personality shines through in his gentle smile.

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