New Sperm Donors of January

February 01, 2021

Warm-up to these 4 new sperm donors for January!

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There’s nothing icy or cold about the 4 new donors that were added to the Fairfax Cryobank donor search this January! From a teacher who is passionate about sharing his knowledge with his students to a Firefighter that puts his life on the line every day for the public. Fairfax is excited to add these 4 new sperm donors to our catalog. Read on to learn more and find your perfect match!

Donor 6269 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 6269

Donor 6269 has a remarkably strong work ethic and is dedicated to maximizing his potential on the job and at the gym. When the day’s work is done, this donor is effortlessly laid-back and charming, and his penchant for laughter and easy conversation allows him to make friends with anyone. His bright spirit and positive outlook have helped him overcome obstacles in his life and have set him up for a future that is sure to be full of success and accomplishment. He is tall and lean, with a sporty, toned build that he has earned from his dedication to the gym. His beautiful green eyes hold a relaxed gaze and are framed by long, dark eyelashes that make them especially inviting. This donor’s short stubble beard contrasts nicely with his healthy, fair complexion and accentuates the straight, masculine lines of his jaw. He has full, dark-brown hair that is always styled and well-trimmed.

Donor 6270 baby photo

ID Donor 6270

Donor 6270 is an intellectual, thoughtful man with a deep passion for psychology and human nature. He loves engaging deeply with others and treats every interaction as an opportunity to further reveal the secrets of the human psyche. An avid reader, he is always learning. Hiking and immersing himself in nature serve to inspire his writing. He likes to stay organized and proficient in a professional setting. Handsome and confident, he has a straight, chiseled jawline and straight nose that give him a rugged masculine appearance. He has a head of long, luscious chestnut brown hair that sweeps back from his face in soft, flattering waves. His beautiful green eyes hold a focused, serious gaze that hints at his contemplative nature.

Donor 6137 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 6137

Donor 6137 is a creative, open-minded, and curious individual. A talented and passionate musician, he plays multiple instruments. He has been dedicated to learning as much as possible throughout his life both in and out of the classroom and wishes to pass on his love of learning in his role as a teacher. Being kind and thoughtful is important to him. He has an adventurous spirit that shows through his passion for cooking international cuisines and spending time with friends camping and biking. Jugging and unicycling are fun hobbies. He is tall, lean, and very fit. He has a laid-back style and often has a guitar with him. He is committed to community service and promoting societal change

Donor 6325 baby photo

ID Donor 6325

Donor 6325 is passionate about helping others and is a dedicated firefighter and EMT. He is charming and humble with a warm personality. He is remarkably easy to get immersed in a conversation with him. With his strong will to serve the community, he fights to save lives and put out fires daily. When he walks into the room, he has the stature of an Olympian. He is very tall with broad shoulders and a solid physique. He played football and competed at a national level. He is Hercules personified. He has tribal tattoos that spiral down both arms with his sun-kissed skin and jet-black hair; the combination brings out the blazing ember color in his golden-brown eyes.

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