New Sperm Donors of May

June 01, 2021

9 new sperm donors were added to Fairfax Cryobank’s donor catalog in May

baby smiling in the sun with trees in the background

April showers bring May Flowers, in this case, May brought 9 new sperm donors to the Fairfax Cryobank donor catalog! Get to know these handsome and creative donors below.

donor 6174 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 6174

Donor 6174 is an articulate, bright, and driven man who has a desire to give back. He has an air of pleasantness that follows him everywhere he goes. His outgoing personality draws others with ease into a conversation about anything. He is a true animal lover and has a grooming job on the side he is very committed to. On the job he likes to interact in a positive and compassionate way with his employees. He treats those around him with the utmost respect and prides himself on standing up for others in need. He is determined and independent, placing high value on making his own way in the world and staying true to himself. He sports an engaging smile and beautiful brown eyes that truly sparkle. He has a nice physique that he maintains by hiking and running.

donor 6182 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 6182

Donor 6182 is a kind, serious, and hardworking man. He is an avid reader who enjoys nature and wide-open spaces, aspiring to travel and see the world while also helping to make it a better place. He plans to be an attorney that gives back to his community with pro bono work. A musician in his free time, he plays in a bluegrass group. He is professional and respectful, while also staying personable and friendly when he interacts with staff. This donor could easily be mistaken for a professional athlete. He often goes to the gym and likes to lift weights to stay in shape. Atop his brawny figure is a classically handsome all-American face complete with freckles and a beautiful smile. Underneath long lashes, he has clear hazel eyes.

ID Donor 6098

Donor 6098 is very kind, sweet, and empathetic. He is caring and thoughtful with a relaxed personality. An easy conversationalist, our staff finds him easy and fun to talk to. He admires those that face adversity and stay calm under pressure, which is something he tries to emulate himself. Social justice matters to him, and he aspires to make positive changes in the world. He has an infectious laugh that goes great with his attitude. In his free time, he likes to be with friends enjoying outdoor recreation, swimming, playing guitar, and cooking. Tall with a lean, muscular build, he has beautiful blonde curly hair. His kind smile pairs well with his personality. His blue eyes are striking and very attractive.

donor 6336 baby photo

ID Donor 6336

Donor 6336 is a positive, warm-hearted man who is proud to be in the military. He is quite active as he loves motocross and playing golf. He is a skilled and creative in auto mechanics and likes to make cars a reflection of the owner’s personality. Adventurous and humorous, he likes to focus on keeping himself and others happy. He appreciates honesty and humor from others. He is a caring man who cherishes his family and friends. Growing up on a farm, he is very empathetic and compassionate towards animals. He also greatly appreciates nature, and would love to live a life outdoors, perhaps near the mountains. He has oval-shaped, light blues eyes that look like the sky on a clear day. His blonde hair is well-kept and complements his fair complexion. He has a large build due to his active lifestyle. He resembles actor Jonah Hill.

donor 6331 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 6331

Donor 6331 is an articulate, bright man who is energetic, curious and goal-oriented. His optimistic attitude is contagious. He has a very calm and kind demeanor. He has an appreciation for the fine arts and is a skilled piano and accordion player. He has a passion for fitness, and he loves to run regularly and participates in marathons and long cycling rides. Being outdoors is a passion. This well-rounded donor has also excelled academically all his life. Also generous, he enjoys giving back to the community. He has well-kept, dark hair and compelling, narrow, dark eyes. His dark hair and eyes really suit his glowing, fair complexion. This donor has an alluring, chiseled jawline, and attractive facial features. He has a tall stature and athletic, fit build. He is always well-dressed and looking very dapper. Friends tell him he resembles Keanu Reeves, and we agree.

donor 6258 baby photo

ID Donor 6258

Donor 6258 is a soft-spoken, thoughtful young man with an inquisitive mind. He is very passionate about economics and philosophy and the ways these fields of thought interact. He spends a great deal of time reading philosophy or engaging in intellectual conversation with his family and peers and loves nothing more than gaining a new perspective on a topic. He is highly altruistic, and once traveled to Africa where he helped young people learn valuable job skills. In his free time, this donor likes to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, such as hiking with his dogs or eating a home-cooked meal with his family. He has a youthful, boyish charm with a clean-shaven face and side-swept honey-blonde hair. His forest-green eyes are framed by gold lashes and brows, and they swim with a sense of wisdom and intrigue unexpected in such a young man. He has a fair complexion and slight dimples when he laughs or smiles. He has a trim build that he maintains by swimming and hiking.

donor 6260 baby photo

ID Donor 6260

Donor 6260 is a charming man with impeccable manners and a love for good conversation. His sunny charisma and open mind give him a magnetic quality that allows him to make friends easily and relate well to others. He aims to generate happiness both for himself and for others wherever he goes, and he dreams of traveling the world someday. He loves the outdoors and is always excited to go rock climbing or play sports with friends. With an analytical mind, he craves knowledge and new experiences but often flexes his creative muscles as well when writing poetry or playing guitar. The staff considers him a handsome man whose beaming white smile contrasts beautifully against his warm, sun-kissed complexion. He has a lean, slim physique that he maintains by getting outdoors and his face is framed by long, loose curls of chestnut-brown hair that grazes his cheekbones and highlights the gold tones in his gentle hazel eyes.

Donor 5868 baby photo

ID Donor 5868

Donor 5868 is an extremely outgoing and personable individual. He enjoys talking about his interests, and most of all about his children, whom he loves very much. Extremely modest, he believes that his humble background has been the motivation behind most of his success. He is also a very positive person, who loves to learn from life’s mistakes rather than be burdened by them. He is genuinely a nice guy, a devoted father, and an honest man. His deep voice draws attention when he speaks. Tall with a toned physique, he leads an active lifestyle with an energetic attitude. He carries himself with confidence and has a personality to match. His beautiful hazel eyes sparkle when he is in conversation.

donor 5867 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 5867

Donor 5867 is a deeply passionate man. His intelligence and compassion for humanity have shaped him into a successful young Neurologist. He is an incredibly driven researcher and works to develop improved treatments. He has committed his life to serve those who are underserved by society. He believes that kindness should be given freely; his warm, friendly attitude shows this. He is a happy and confident person, loyal, and incredibly caring. A self-taught pianist and violinist, he loves to relax at the end of the day by finding balance through music. He is constantly working to improve the world around him, transforming his frustrations into actionable goals. He is tall and fit with soft chocolate-brown eyes.

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