Nipping Obesity in the Bud

June 14, 2011

Blog written by Laboratory Staff Nisha

It seems there is a remedy for everything these days – usually in a pill form. This time the pill is named Metformin, and it is used to treat gestational diabetes. Dr. Hassan Shehata is conducting a clinical trial on volunteering pregnant mothers. The trial is expected to last until December of 2013.

Now, I am all for preventative measures, especially during high risk pregnancies, but this seems over the top. Dr. Shehata hopes that the pill can be given to all obese mothers, even those who do not have diabetes. The belief is that smaller babies will have less birth and health risks to both mother and child. In my opinion, proper diet and exercise directly before and during a pregnancy is crucial to having a healthy pregnancy.

In this article, cited below, Shehata states that diet and exercise do not work in accordance to the results of other trials. I would like to read about the trials he speaks of. I just don’t believe in relying on a pill to solve health problems, especially for women who do not have diabetes. However, I also believe in taking the absolute minimum of medications, including birth control and headache medicine. I understand this might make my opinion too extreme, but treating your fetus for being overweight before the baby is even born is too much for me to swallow.


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