Thank You for Helping Us Grow Our Family, Fairfax Cryobank

April 01, 2022

A #FairfaxFamily Story by Guest Blogger, Gena Jaffe

how josie came to be.

never in my life – especially as someone married to a woman – did I think I would talk so much or learn so much about sperm.  but here we are!

our path to motherhood wasn’t straightforward but I wouldn’t trade it for the world because it brought us our two little loves.

we had an incredible experience with @fairfaxcryobank.  first of all, we got to see both baby pics and adult pics of the donors and we found that wildly helpful — if you want to create a child with someone, it certainly helps to know what they look like all grown up!

we were also able to hear interviews (so we heard his voice), read essays and ask questions directly to the cryobank.

what really did it for us … we were in the middle of an RIVF cycle (after 3 failed IUIs and failed FET) and you know how there are a million things on your mind – plus we had Parker, so running around after a toddler – and they gave us our egg retrieval date.  guess who forgot to have the sperm shipped?

I didn’t realize that our clinic only accepted shipments a few days a week and our insemination was supposed to happen on Monday.  It was late Thursday and everything was starting to close and I was back and forth on the phone with Fairfax and my clinic and then they got on calls with each other and figured it out literally as the work day was ending.  To see everything in real time, check out my RIVF highlight on my page – you can see my crying updating on what had happened.

this was MY error and yet Fairfax went above and beyond for our family.  and that egg retrieval gave us our Josie girl.  if that sperm didn’t get shipped, she might not be here — yes, we would have another baby, but it may not have been her.  that blew my mind when I realized that.


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