New Donors of August

August 18, 2021

6 new sperm donors were added to Fairfax Cryobank’s donor catalog this month!

Take a look at these six awesome new sperm donors added to Fairfax Cryobank in August!

Non-ID Graduate Donor 6130

Donor 6130 is a successful professional who values treating others with kindness. He considers himself laid back and able to see what really matters in life despite his busy schedule. After graduating with his bachelor’s, he went into the work force and found he wanted to fulfill his dream of working in law. He then went on to complete his law degree. And although his career is stressful, his approach to life is not to let the stress affect his day to day. He likes to think of what is the most impactful and whether he has control over it, and if he does not, he lets it go. He enjoys quality time with his family, and they have taught him the value of being honest, loyal, and trustworthy. In his free time, he likes to work on house improvement, building and repairing things as needed. He is handsome and a well put together young professional. He likes to stay active by playing sports, especially golf.

ID Donor 6344

Donor 6344 is a bright, ambitious man dedicated to his lifelong goal of becoming a doctor. Although shy and quiet, he has a warm presence that puts others at ease. He believes there is always room for improvement and seeks to become a better person every day by being more empathetic and compassionate. Hard work, responsibility, and collaborating with others are the keys to his success and personal growth. Passionate about music and swimming, he excels at both. He strongly admires and values his family. He has an average stature and soulful, brown eyes. His look transmits peace and calm. He has a light, fair complexion and uniformly brilliant brown hair. He enjoys sports and working out as seen in his healthy physical appearance. He is both elegant and athletic.

ID Graduate Donor 6331

Donor 6331 is an articulate, bright man who is energetic, curious and goal oriented. His optimistic attitude is contagious. He has a very calm and kind demeanor. He has an appreciation for the fine arts and is a skilled piano and accordion player. He has a passion for fitness, and he loves to run regularly and participates in marathons and long cycling rides. Being outdoors is a passion. This well-rounded donor has also excelled academically all his life. Also generous, he enjoys giving back to the community. He has well-kept, dark hair and compelling, narrow, dark eyes. His dark hair and eyes really suit his glowing, fair complexion. This donor has an alluring, chiseled jawline, and attractive facial features. He has a tall stature and athletic, fit build. He is always well-dressed and looking very dapper. Friends tell him he resembles Keanu Reeves, and we agree.

ID Graduate Donor 6341

Donor 6341 is kind, humorous, and accomplished. An adoring father of three children, he is a dedicated family man. He is eager to learn new things, and his interests include flying, fencing, carpentry, reading and blogging. He is full of joy and optimism about every aspect of life. His easy-going and loving nature encourages him to uplift and motivate his peers, who thoroughly appreciate his support. He dedicates himself to being a great person and making sure that his positive presence is felt. He has a strong physique, broad shoulders, and perfect skin. His hair is beautifully thick and cut into a military style. His hazel eyes suit his glowing, fair complexion. He is a very handsome man and resembles Jared Leto with a crew cut and a clean-shaven face.

ID Graduate Donor 5866

Donor 5866 is a man with great intelligence and compassion. Driven and responsible, it is extremely important for him to finish what he starts, and he takes pride in his achievements. He has finished his PhD and wants to continue his research and be a professor. He is a passionate reader, enjoying scientific books and fictional comic novels. Photographing landscapes is a favorite activity. Even with his busy schedule, he always finds the time for his beautiful wife. His mellow tone of voice creates a calming energy to those around him. Our staff finds him a cheerful and handsome young man. His kind, dark brown eyes are complemented by thick dark brows. He attributes his toned physique and slight tan to time spent working in his garden.

ID Donor 6336

Donor 6336 is a positive, warm-hearted man who is proud to be in the military. He is quite active as he loves motocross and playing golf. He is a skilled and creative in auto mechanics and likes to make cars a reflection of the owner’s personality. Adventurous and humorous, he likes to focus on keeping himself and others happy. He appreciates honesty and humor from others. He is a caring man who cherishes his family and friends. Growing up on a farm, he is very empathetic and compassionate towards animals. He also greatly appreciates nature, and would love to live a life outdoors, perhaps near the mountains. He has oval-shaped, light blues eyes that look like the sky on a clear day. His blonde hair is well-kept and complements his fair complexion. He has a large build due to his active lifestyle. He resembles actor Jonah Hill.

With hundreds of sperm donors in the Fairfax Cryobank donor catalog, we’re here to help you find your perfect match! Start your search today.

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