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Donor #4381

Donor #4381

August 17, 2015

This is an ID Option donor with Lifetime photos available. Donor 4381 is a very cheerful and articulate individual. Honesty is very important to him, and he uses it as the backbone in all of his important relationships. He has a warm personality that emanates throughout the lab during his visits. Donor 4381 is very gracious and insightful, being perceptive of things that others might not be. He is an overall friendly and passionate man. Donor 4381’s dark eyes and thick, effortlessly tousled dark hair nicely complement his fairer complexion. He has an enthralling voice, reminiscent of Terrance Howard. Donor 4381 is very agile and likes outdoor activities such as hiking and surfing; this is evident in his strong build and stature. These features form his rugged good looks. He resembles actor Christopher Reid.