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Donor #4760

Donor #4760

August 20, 2015

This is an Anonymous Graduate donor. Donor 4760 is kind, compassionate, and highly intelligent. At once idealistic and pragmatic, he knows how to dream big, as well as how to accomplish those dreams. He has great respect for the women in his life and credits his mother for supporting him and making him into the man he is today. Although he came from a working class background and worked his way up professionally, even earning an MBA, he defines success entirely in terms of being a good person and having a positive impact on the world. Tall and lean, he has a smooth, creamy complexion that nicely accentuates his thick dark hair, warm brown eyes, and friendly face. He takes good care of himself by running and hitting the gym – and it shows. A good looking guy, he resembles Shia LaBeouf.