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Donor #4773

Donor #4773

September 09, 2015

Donor 4773 is an Anonymous donor.  He is a polite, artistic, athletic and hardworking man. His pleasant, relaxed manner and uplifting attitude make him a pleasure to talk to. He is always very considerate of staff time, and generally starts every conversation with a “please” and ends it with a “thank you.” One of this donor’s biggest concerns is responsibility and making sure he is doing what’s right. He is very dedicated to his family and wants to make them proud. Tall and extremely fit, he has broad shoulders and a very well developed chest. He has long, muscular arms and legs and a trim waistline. His skin tone is definitely a gift from his diverse heritage and he always looks like he has a gorgeous golden tan, even in winter. His deep, dark brown eyes and dark hair are a lovely contrast to his skin tone.