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Donor #4868

Donor #4868

August 17, 2015

This is an Anonymous donor with Lifetime photos available. Donor 4868 is the ideal family man. He simply adores his beautiful kids and takes any opportunity to brag about them. He has a very professional demeanor, full of confidence, yet he is still humble. His childhood was challenging and he is resilient and appreciative as a result. Creating modern art paintings is a special talent. He has a toned physique that he maintains through regular outdoor activities, including rock climbing. He has a light complexion, near perfection in its smooth texture, and dark, wavy hair. His hazel eyes, a painted mural of sea green, turquoise, and amber hues are uncommon in their beauty and are definitely his most attractive facial feature. He has a defined jaw line and a captivating smile that emphasize his overall charming attractiveness.