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Donor #4898

Donor #4898

January 14, 2016

Donor 4898 is an ID Option donor with Lifetime Photos available. He has a flirtatious and playful personality. He likes to stay active and enjoys playing team sports, which contributes to his maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and also allows him to spend time with teammates and friends. He is driven to succeed and he has a passion for challenging himself to do better. He has the ability to focus intently on the goals he sets for himself and commits wholly to each and every endeavor he embarks upon. He has such a great outlook on life that he seems to inspire those around him, and he has a natural ability to lead others. When his Nursing studies are complete, he will excel not only at maintaining proper medical procedures, but also at conversing with patients and peers. Donor 4898 has a tender heart and an uncanny way of sensing other’s distress – he will do well at ensuring the health and happiness of others. He keeps his body toned through regular sports activities. His bright green eyes shine amid his darker eyebrows and facial hair; they hold a sensational sparkle that conveys his charismatic spirit. In addition to his beautiful eyes, Donor 4898 has a fetching smile that has the ability to grab another’s attention.