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Donor #4999

Donor #4999

December 07, 2017

Donor 4999 is an Anonymous donor. He is very well spoken and polite. With almost ten years in the military and an Eagle Scout badge, he admires loyalty and honesty. Energetic and hardworking, he wants to keep going until he gets it right. He enjoys being outdoors as much as possible. His favorite hobbies are camping, hiking, and traveling. He loves to go on long hikes where he is out on the trail for weeks at a time. Donor 4999 also enjoys snowboarding and spending time with family. He loves history, and reads and watches as many things relating to history as possible. Our staff finds him attractive and very fit. He has deep blue eyes and a very muscular build. He enjoys going to the gym at least four times a week and taking care of his body. He has a relaxed manner about him. He looks like a young Ben Affleck.