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Donor #5019

Donor #5019

January 14, 2016

Donor 5019 is an ID Option Graduate donor. He is incredibly smart, easygoing and very handsome. A sweet and charming man, he is an eloquent speaker who is warm and welcoming. He loves the outdoors; hunting and fishing are favorite activities. As a PhD chemist he likes his job creating new products in the healthcare field. Our staff finds him to be a great looking guy. He has thick dark hair, fair skin and bright blue eyes; this mix of dark and light features is an amazingly attractive combination. He has a great physique which is the result of his impressive abilities at Krav Maga martial arts. Not only has this skill sculpted his strong body, there is an undeniably sexy quality in knowing he can defend himself (and others) if need be. An avid outdoorsman and a hands-on type of guy, he has cemented his striking image of masculinity.