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Donor #5025

Donor #5025

April 20, 2016

Donor 5025 is an Anonymous donor with a Lifetime photo set available. He is definitely a staff favorite, and one we all adore. He’s a student who works really hard, and you can tell that he pours his heart and soul into it. He is devoted to his family, and truly cares about animals. He has a confidence that just radiates from him, yet he is humble and sweet at the same time. He is also quite an extrovert whose stories are endless. He has a big, bright and friendly smile. His naturally tanned and olive skin tone is a reflection of his Latin heritage and his tendency to be outdoors and playing sports whenever possible. His big brown eyes and full eyelashes would make just about anyone envious. His jet black hair is nicely styled. With a powerful build, he walks with a purpose and passion in his steps; the lab staff recognizes his confidence and admires him for that reason.