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Donor #5051

Donor #5051

February 22, 2017

Donor 5051 is an ID Option donor. He is a genuine and charismatic man. He has an amazing enthusiasm that he puts into everything he does. He believes in bettering oneself through education; he is very intelligent and has goals of continuing his education for as long as possible. He is very close to his family and is extremely proud of his unique heritage. He looks up to his father’s determination, and hopes to be able to pass on his own determination to his two little girls. While he is not the most openly affectionate man, he is truly one of the kindest and most open-minded individuals we have had the pleasure of getting to know. When he walks into the room he has an aura of pure confidence. He is the kind of man that gets you with just his eyes. He has the kindest brown eyes and you can see how gentle he truly is. He has a medium olive skin tone. He keeps healthy through playing tennis and jogging. He resembles Dwayne Johnson.