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Donor #5054

Donor #5054

February 22, 2017

Donor 5054 is an Anonymous donor with an Adult-Child photo set available. He is a Navy pilot, while also studying to be a doctor. He has the drive to succeed and wants to make a difference. He has a love for animals that has shown him how to be very compassionate and caring towards others. He is very creative and enjoys the arts; he has a talent for drawing and painting and has a knack for picking up musical instruments. He is ambidextrous which has allowed him to perfect some of his artistic hobbies like woodworking and playing the piano. While he likes these finer things he also loves flying and playing team sports in his time off. He always seems to be in a good mood and looks at life in the most optimistic ways possible. He is truly the epitome of the ideal man in uniform, both physically and mentally. He is tall and muscular and has a military stride when he walks into a room; however he has one of those smiles that catch you completely off guard. When he smiles you can see a crack in his chiseled exterior as his eyes twinkle with genuine delight. His brown hair plays perfectly off of his blue eyes and paler complexion.