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Donor #5071

Donor #5071

June 27, 2017

Donor 5071 is an Anonymous donor with an Adult/Child photo set available. He is a kind man who has strong family connections. He believes that being nice, honest and hardworking will get you far in life. He aspires to be a police officer and has a strong desire to be of service to his community. He has a love of animals and hopes to travel to exotic places to see animals in their natural habitat. He is completely hilarious and believes that a sense of humor is an important trait for a person to possess. Our staff finds this donor handsome and captivating. He is an obviously athletic man. He has a slim figure and is constantly active in sports like soccer and football. He has thick eyebrows that frame his intense brown eyes, which can make you melt in an instant. When you first meet him he seems very rough and serious, but then he gives you a little smirk that lights up his face and you get a little glimpse of who he really is. Very manly, he is seriously alluring and intensely intriguing.