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Donor #5073

Donor #5073

March 22, 2017

Donor 5073 is an Anonymous Graduate donor. He is poised, controlled and patient. He makes you feel instantly comfortable as he has a protective aura that is very calming. Due to his long, dedicated military carrier, he values loyalty and integrity. Donor 5073 is very intelligent but does not boast about his intellect, instead he engages in meaningful conversations with you to prove his intelligence in a genuine way. A creative man, he is into woodworking and cooking. Our staff finds him a pleasure to be around and is excited to see and speak with him whenever he comes in. When he smiles he has the kindest little wrinkles at the corners of his eyes that make him seem completely approachable. He keeps a well-toned body thanks to his job, and has naturally muscular arms chiseled perfectly from his extra time at the gym. He radiates confidence and kindness, which makes his attractive features just that much more enjoyable. Friends tell him he looks like Harry Connick, Jr.