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Donor #5078

Donor #5078

July 05, 2017

Donor 5078 is an ID Option Graduate donor. He is extremely charming and downright handsome. By his own words, he is a compassionate and trusted friend. He is very intelligent, but never boasts about his accomplishments or the things that he knows that others may not, which honestly is very refreshing. He has a great relationship with his wife; his eyes light up when he talks about her. He loves to travel and thinks that viewing and learning about other cultures is almost a necessity to make oneself an open-minded, well-rounded individual. He has enchanting hazel eyes that seem to change color every time we see him. This donor has a boyish smile that brightens his face. This donor is a favorite of ours and is one of the most genuine, respectful and honest donors. His wife thinks he looks like actor Justin Hartley, and we agree.