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Donor #5079

Donor #5079

April 28, 2017

Donor 5079 is an ID Option donor. He is one of the sweetest guys. He wants to make a contribution to society and is always driven with purpose. A past marine and current naval officer, he is a levelheaded civil engineer who travels the world. He is not an idle man, preferring not to sleep-in or watch TV. A dreamer as well, he has some great plans for the future. He is well-read, and has been an avid reader since childhood. Writing is a passion. He is an adoring husband and father. Our staff finds this donor to be quite good looking. One of the first things you notice when you look at this donor are his amazing crystal-blue eyes; they are warm and comforting when he smiles. He has a medium athletic build, well-maintained by running and military training. Donor 5079 is a pleasure to be around not just because of his great optimistic personality, but also because he has one of those smiles that makes you feel completely worry free. He resembles actor Steve Carell, especially in the eyes.