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Donor #5084

Donor #5084

October 11, 2017

Donor 5084 is an Anonymous donor. He is a very dedicated man who spends his time doing everything he can to achieve the best possible life for himself and his daughter. He travels a long distance to work each day just to be able to afford the kind of life he wishes to provide for his child. He says that he has learned a lot and grown from having her in his life, and that was one of the reasons he choose to be a part of this program. Independent at a young age, he spent a lot of time outdoors exploring. Donor 5084 also loves working with his hands; he often spends his free time building things. He has one of the most charming smiles; the kind that lights up his face and melts your heart a little every time you see it. He has a light complexion, blond hair and breathtaking bright blue eyes that catch your attention even from across the room. His broad shoulders and muscular arms would make anyone feel safe. He looks like Kevin Connolly.