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Donor # 5106

Donor # 5106

April 15, 2016

Donor 5106 is an Anonymous donor with an Adult Child photo set available. He is a tender, thoughtful individual who has set high standards for himself. Trust and compassion are traits that are personally gratifying to him. He has a very charitable and supportive nature. Artistic in a variety of ways, he enjoys screenwriting, film direction and creative writing. He is a natural-born communicator and leader. His persistence and reliability make him a perfect fit for the professional world, and his empathy makes him the perfect role model for supporting others. Very handsome, his mixed ethnic heritage makes his physical appearance unique and appealing. He is tall, with a trim, toned physique. He keeps his body toned through regular martial arts training. He has bold eyes that are the color of dark chocolate – a mixture of deep colors that are enhanced by his radiant complexion.