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Donor #5111

Donor #5111

September 14, 2016

Donor 5111 is an Anonymous donor with an Adult-Child photo set available. He is the strong and silent type. He is extremely polite, and shows kindness and warmth. He is active and is always planning to do something with friends. A dedicated sports teammate, he is driven and strives for success. He often says life is tough, but that you can’t get what you want in life just by giving up. Modest and humble, he doesn’t boast of his personal achievements, but instead finds ways to instill the same kind of dedication and perseverance in others. As an honest, trustworthy individual, he is an ideal candidate for a teammate, friend or lifelong partner. He is a tall, handsome charmer with a body toned like a professional athlete. His tall stature (over six feet in height) is a blessing for his love of basketball. He has a coy yet vivacious smile. His light skin tone pairs well with his darker facial hair. He has beautiful cerulean eyes that are like painted backdrops of the sky.