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Donor #5113

Donor #5113

July 11, 2016

Donor 5113 is an Anonymous donor with an Adult Child photo set available. He is a bright and genuinely kind individual. He is a loving father and husband and is incredibly devoted to his family. The four Fs: Family, Finances, Faith and Friends guide his priorities. He is proud of his exceptional penmanship and outstanding memory. He is non-judgmental and has a sincere desire to ensure the acceptance and love of others. He is an open communicator, organized and efficient; which explains his success in his career in finance. He has the ability to make a difficult scenario easier to understand, and likewise, offers all of his known resources to aid those who are underprivileged. Our staff considers him a very handsome and dashing individual. He regularly participates in weightlifting, which has provided him with a lean, yet defined muscle tone. He has incredibly breathtaking eyes; they are as beautiful and clear as a sapphire.