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Donor #5139

Donor #5139

March 03, 2017

Donor 5139 is an ID Option donor. He is confident, yet considerate. While his Keirsey test states he is an introvert, we find him to be very outgoing and talkative. His calm demeanor is apparent in all aspects of his life. He is patient and persistent. He wants to be the best possible at whatever he sets out to do. Through his time as a dog trainer, he knows success follows hard work. Being outdoors is a passion, from hiking, camping to hunting, he is in his element. Academically, he is pursuing a double major in Accounting and Finance; he aims high! He has adorable dimples and is always clean shaven. His blond hair and light green eyes reflect his Nordic ancestry. Always clean-cut and nicely dressed, donor 5139 maintains his physique by staying active and spending time outdoors.