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Donor #5167

Donor #5167

August 23, 2018

Donor 5167 is an Anonymous donor with Lifetime Photos available. He is sweet and genuine. He is honest and self-reflective; definitely able to express himself. Throughout his life, he has learned responsibility, and to be a man of his word. Growing up in a small town, he was raised with strong values and is very dedicated to his beliefs. Donor 5167 would love nothing more than to be a provider to his future wife and future children. He is muscular and very fit; he has an incredibly chiseled chest and arms that are indicative of his active lifestyle. He tans easily and looks good in whatever he wears. During the summer months, you would be hard-pressed to find this donor in anything but sandals, nice shorts, and a tank top. This donor takes pride in his appearance, but is by no means high maintenance.