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Donor #5169

Donor #5169

February 15, 2018

Donor 5169 is an Anonymous donor. He is very handsome with a great smile. He is intelligent and driven to become a physician one day. He is even-tempered, humble and literal. With a dry sense of humor, he prefers concrete facts. He is a very caring man; especially when it involves working with children. He is willing to spend his free time volunteering and helping those who are less fortunate than he is. A lover of the outdoors, he prefers the mountains where he can spend time reflecting. He also likes camping, hunting and fishing. He is tall, dark-haired, and handsome. His 5 o’clock shadow is very becoming. He is physically fit. His smile is absolutely adorable; one can’t help but smile back when he flashes it. He resembles Jencarlos Canela.