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Donor #5178

Donor #5178

May 04, 2018

Donor 5178 is an ID Option Graduate donor with Lifetime photos available. He is an easygoing kind of guy. He enjoys the little things in life and doesn’t mind taking each day as it comes. He conveys great patience and has a very calm demeanor. While he doesn’t mind following directions, he prefers to go at things at his own discretion. He is very compassionate and does not like to see others left out. Donor 5178 is also an ambitious person; he is studying to be a chiropractor and plans to establish his own practice. He has relaxed, brown, semi-shaggy hair. His hazel eyes appear almost light brown at times, especially in contrast to his dark, thick eyebrows. Although he currently has a stocky build, his underlying physique is muscular. Donor 5178 keeps a light, scruffy goatee on his otherwise smooth face.