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Donor #5179

Donor #5179

May 16, 2018

Donor 5179 is an ID Option donor. He is a laid back, lighthearted individual. He is goal-driven and is motivated by the journey. He is a hard worker and admires the work ethic of others. He has a playful, fun sense of humor and easily relates to all types of people. He has served in the military and is a respectful, polite and loyal man. Donor 5179 is family-oriented and is lucky to have his brother as his best friend. Overall, this donor is a great man, husband, friend, son, and role model. Tall, at 6’6″, he has good posture and a strong frame. He frequently wears light stubble, which could become a full beard if left to grow out. His smile is friendly and welcoming, while his eyes radiate his approachability. He looks like David Denman.