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Donor #5322

Donor #5322

September 23, 2016

Donor 5322 is an ID Option donor. He is very warm and outgoing. He is very spiritual, having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Leadership and Theology. He is positive, with a happy outlook on life. He makes sure to devote time each month to some sort of charity or volunteer work. When he is not spending time working or helping others, he likes to relax by playing a wide variety of sports including football, soccer, ultimate Frisbee and volleyball. He has a multiracial background, so he is very distinctive looking. His bright green eyes stand out beautifully against his caramel colored skin. He has full lips and nice white teeth. He is tall, and has a lean but very muscular build. He keeps his thick, curly hair cut very short, and occasionally sports a beard. He resembles actor Jesse Williams.