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Donor #5325

Donor #5325

February 02, 2017

Donor 5325 is an ID Option donor. He is an aspiring artist who loves learning. He is very passionate about life. In school, he tried out for every sport he could, including football, track and boxing; and he took every art class available to him. He loves to express himself through artistic outlets such as painting and sculpting, but also enjoys learning about science and history. He believes it is important to appreciate the little things in life and to approach challenges with a positive attitude. He has deep brown eyes that shine with happiness above a constantly smiling mouth. He has thick curly black hair and long, dark eyelashes. Though often clean shaven, he occasionally has a bit of scruff around his cheeks and chin, which obscure his slight dimples. His frequent activity playing sports and hiking keep him in good shape year round. He resembles actor Donald Glover.