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Donor #5348

Donor #5348

March 09, 2017

Donor 5348 is an Anonymous Graduate donor. He has a worldly view, having grown up in a family from many different cultures. He is patient, polite and calm. He enjoys rock climbing, Salsa dancing and coin collecting. His penmanship is beautiful and drawing is a favorite pastime. He volunteers often. His focus is to live his life to the fullest while maintaining strong connections with family and friends. A physician who is pursuing a PhD, he is driven and thoughtful about helping others. With thick, dark hair neatly combed back, he has an unmarred olive skin tone and a smile with full lips and pearly white teeth. Usually wearing a collared shirt and jeans that hide his toned limbs, this donor always keeps a professional, yet welcoming appearance. He resembles a young Al Pacino.