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Donor #5349

Donor #5349

April 21, 2017

Donor 5349 is an Anonymous donor. He is determined, charismatic and genuine. Putting forth the effort to achieve everything in his life, he trusts in the value of hard work, and he enjoys the satisfaction of seeing that energy pay off in the long term. Though he does appreciate his financial successes, he doesn’t put much stock in the material aspects of life. This donor believes that as long as he is happy, and he is making other people happy, then his goals in life are well met. He has a full head of straight jet black hair. His dark brown eyes are set beneath his well-defined and expressive eyebrows. He keeps his face clean shaven, which makes it easy to spot the slightest of dimples that peek out when his lips curl into a sweet smile. This donor is built tall and lean with his long limbs that no doubt aided his swimming achievements of the past. Our staff thinks he resembles Mario Lopez.