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Donor #5360

Donor #5360

March 08, 2017

Donor 5360 is an ID Option donor. He believes in charity, education, and being a good communicator. He finds happiness in being able to do something for others, like donating his time to help struggling students. This donor places a great emphasis on the importance of education, with regards to textbook knowledge and inner reflection. He relies on his communication skills to bolster his opportunities in life, focusing on spreading joy to everyone he meets. Musically talented, he likes to sing and play the guitar. He has a full head of long and lustrous ebony hair, neatly groomed thick eyebrows and pretty russet brown eyes. Spending a fair amount of his free time swimming or walking outside with his dogs has left this donor with a deep tan and reasonably athletic build. He looks like a young, handsome Antonio Banderas.