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Donor #5377

Donor #5377

August 29, 2017

Donor 5377 is an Anonymous Graduate donor. He lives by the principle of sacrifice for the common good, thanks to his mother’s influence. This donor’s compassion and dedication to help others drives his actions daily. In times of chaos and panic, this donor’s ability to work with a steady resolve and his quick, logical decision making skills pair well with his ambition to be a governor. He is roguishly handsome, with a full head of wavy dark brown hair that he keeps a moderate length, and a caramel complexion. His chiseled jawline is sometimes covered with a scruffy beard. His soulful brown eyes are slightly hooded, which adds softness to his features. This donor keeps in good physical shape, with lean calf muscles and strong forearms that speak to years of playing tennis and continual involvement in sports. He looks like Wilmer Valderrama.