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Donor #5378

Donor #5378

February 01, 2018

Donor 5378 is an Anonymous donor. He is extremely compassionate, which drives him to follow his dream to become a successful physician. Working in medicine allows him become adapted to difficult situations, thus gaining great time management and multitasking skills. Donor 5378 is also very fitness-oriented; his love for fitness is shown through his pursuit of wrestling, football, soccer, and other sports. He is well-rounded, setting aside time to enjoy the little things, such as being in the company of friends and family, volunteering, and traveling to different countries. He has wavy, shiny brown locks that frame his oval face. His bright hazel eyes glimmer whenever he smiles. The slight shadow of his beard draws attention to his jawline and shows off his full lips and the strong Cupid’s bow shape of his smile. He has a lean and strong, athletic body that is indicative of the many different types of sports he plays. Friends tell him he looks like Leonard DiCaprio, and we agree.