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Donor #5380

Donor #5380

November 10, 2017

Donor 5380 is an Anonymous donor. He is an outgoing, funny man who aspires to be a physician one day. He is bright and easygoing and enjoys taking his fourteen year old dog for a walk, playing basketball, hiking and traveling. He sings, plays the guitar and does impersonations for fun. He is also passionate about medicine and his school work. Our staff finds this donor quite attractive. He is tall, with long muscular legs and a slender build perfect for playing basketball. His skin is light and he always keeps himself nicely clean shaven, revealing just a slight cleft in his chin. His hair is a dark caramel blond that falls in gentle waves over his forehead, and his eyes are a soft sapphire blue. He keeps his body lean and fit by swimming and playing basketball. He looks like actor B.J Novak.