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Donor #5388

Donor #5388

January 05, 2018

Donor 5388 is an Anonymous donor. He is analytical and no-nonsense entrepreneur with a compassionate side. He has lived in five different countries, is multilingual and has an appreciation for other cultures. Being respectful to others is very important to him, within his family or his work environment. A financial analyst for years, this donor recently made the decision to pursue his dream of running his own technology company. One day he hopes to open an animal shelter with his profits. A nature enthusiast, he loves hiking and travel. Lean and tall with long legs, he had success playing basketball in school. His dark brown eyes are framed by luxuriant onyx eyebrows and highlighted by the warm tone of his skin. Dressed casually in sandals and jeans on most days, his position as the leader of his own company affords him the luxury to dress with comfort in mind. However, when he dresses-up for an important meeting, his trim business attire accents his frame well, and his proper posture demonstrates his attuned experience in the field of business. Many have told him he looks like musician Leehom Wang.