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Donor #5389

Donor #5389

March 05, 2018

Donor 5389 is an ID Option donor. He is a refreshing optimist with a passion for life and laughter. He is devoted to having his daughter grow up with a positive and inquisitive outlook on life. His primary objective is to make a positive difference in the lives of others and help the cause of feeding the world. With his creativity and selfless attitude, there is no doubt that he could singlehandedly inspire the change necessary to improve the outlook for future generations. He has medium chestnut hair and oval eyes the color of forget-me-nots in early spring. Trying to keep up with his daughter is sufficient exercise to keep him in shape and maintain a moderately muscular build, along with limited time lifting weights. He has a goatee with a slight copper tint to it, and a slight scruff outlining his oval face. Ruddy cheeks and a smattering of freckles keep this donor’s appearance youthful and accent his candid cheerfulness, which is further reflected in the liveliness of his gaze and the ease of his smile. He looks like actor David Denman.