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Donor #5390

Donor #5390

October 02, 2019

Donor 5390 is an ID Option donor. He is soft-spoken and creative. He likes to do woodworking as well as cooking his favorite dish. At a young age, his grandfather taught him the importance of doing your best and not giving up. He has worked to live up to this philosophy his whole life- in school and work as well as his personal life. Although he is most comfortable when spending time alone, contemplating his next woodworking project or writing a short story, one his favorite activities is getting together and playing video games with his cousins. He has dark curly hair that he keeps slightly shorter on the sides and longer on top. His eyebrows are slightly bushy above his light brown eyes. He has a long nose and a square chin, which often has a little bit of stubble. His skin is a nice medium olive tone with a light scattering of freckles. He has dimples that deepen when he flashes you a big smile. His build is medium and he keeps himself well-toned by playing soccer with his friends throughout the year. He looks like Wilder Valderrama.