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Donor #5396

Donor #5396

April 11, 2018

Donor 5396 is an Anonymous donor. He is a kind, humble, easygoing man with the ability to put everyone around him at ease. This useful skill is particularly handy when he is trying to calm distressed patients in his line of work. He believes empathy and patience for others are some of the greatest qualities a person can have. Donor 5396 is a family man at heart and from a young age has dreamed of having kids. His other great passion in life is hockey, and he demonstrates a high level of commitment to the sport and comradery with his fellow teammates, treating them almost like a second family. A good looking man, his soft blue eyes hold a calm, focused gaze and complement his fair skin beautifully. His fit build is a result of his devotion to hockey and his often flushed, ruddy cheeks give him the appearance of someone who’s just come off the ice. He resembles a young Jack Coleman.