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Donor #5423

Donor #5423

February 08, 2018

Donor 5423 is an ID Option donor. He is bright, kind, creative and a sociable person. He has good morals and thinks it’s very important to stay connected with family and friends since he values all his relationships. He is a relaxed person but at the same time is highly motivated and has a good work ethic. Although donor 5423 is extremely interested in video gaming and video editing, he also enjoys being unplugged and spending time reading a good book just for fun, or spending time with loved ones. He is tall and slim. He has enchanting blue eyes and wavy brown hair that he tosses around in an attractive manner. He has a charming smile and sweet countenance that give off a genuine warmness, making it easy to approach him. This donor always comes to the lab well-dressed and radiating positive energy with his pleasant personality. He also has a fair complexion and symmetrical features that make him handsome. He resembles John Francis Daley.