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Donor #5432

Donor #5432

January 11, 2018

Donor 5432 is an Anonymous donor. He is very friendly and easygoing. A successful entrepreneur, he also has a wide range of interests including music and traveling. He is bilingual, ambidextrous, and is self-taught at guitar. He enjoys yoga, football, golf, and dancing to maintain his physique and he has a fun, competitive spirit. Our staff finds him tremendously charming, with a warm, welcoming voice with a soothing tone. He has the ability to carry on a conversation about almost any topic. A good listener, he is always asking questions about topics he wants to know more about. He also has a great sense of style; his beard is kept neatly trimmed and his hair is always groomed, giving him a cool, sexy presence that pairs nicely with his hazel eyes. Without a doubt, this donor’s very fit physique and approachable manner grants him a lot of attention. He has had several people comment on how much he looks like Keanu Reeves.