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Donor #5449

Donor #5449

April 13, 2018

Donor 5449 is an ID Option donor with Lifetime photos available. He is a handsome, bright and selfless person. He is extremely respectful and well-cultured, which has allowed him to be more accepting of others as they are. This donor chooses to see the brighter side of things and likes the idea that love is the strongest type of magic in the world. He lives in the moment and thinks it’s important to have joy in life. Straightforward, easygoing and relaxed, he is highly motivated, a go-getter with high moral standards. He has a tremendous love for playing music. It is obvious that this donor cares about his appearance since he always dresses to impress. He has a light complexion, dirty blond hair and big blue eyes. This donor is light on his feet and seems like the type of person you would find playing his guitar quietly in the corner.