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Donor #5451

Donor #5451

May 17, 2018

Donor 5451 is an ID Option donor. He is bright, direct and easygoing. He had humble beginnings and as a result is pragmatic with a strong work ethic. Confident and calm, he is polite, outspoken and a quick thinker. He has a wide range of interests, from acting, playing the guitar and performing gymnastics, to eating pizza with friends and learning about science and the human body. This donor has high ambitions and would like to go to medical school with the goal of becoming a doctor. His Polish heritage is important to him. He is very cute with a bright smile, perpetually untidy blond hair and blue eyes. He keeps a trimmed beard and prefers to wear surf-style clothing that perfectly matches his relaxed personality. He is told he resembles many famous people, and we think he strongly looks like Jason O’Mara.