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Donor #5467

Donor #5467

July 25, 2018

Donor 5467 is an ID Option donor. He has a philosophical disposition and is very interested in figuring out the world and understanding lots of different cultures. Because of his difficult childhood growing up overseas, he has learned to appreciate stability, dependability and safety. He jumps at all opportunities that present themselves to him. He has a natural talent for writing and playing music that he started when he bought himself an electric guitar and taught himself how to play. He is the type of person that puts his maximum effort into everything he does, and immerses himself in different experiences. Our staff finds this donor a very good looking man. He has an athletic build with a wide back and defined muscles, which are attributable to his dedication to physical fitness. He loves to try different forms of exercise, including rock climbing, mountain biking and mixed martial arts. He has symmetrical and prominent facial features that immediately catch your attention. He resembles Billy Hall Bush.