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Donor #5473

Donor #5473

July 25, 2018

Donor 5473 is an Anonymous Graduate donor. He is a very kind, optimistic person who always greets you with a smile. He is well mannered and speaks with a clear, strong voice. Very ambitious and career-driven; he has a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and is currently pursuing an MBA. In his free time, he enjoys exercising and keeping in shape, watching new shows on Netflix, and reading-up on current events. He is very close to his mother and values hard work and doing your very best to achieve the outcome you want in life. Our staff finds him very handsome and friendly. He has beautiful hazel eyes that you want to gaze at all day. His healthy, luscious hair seems to flow very effortlessly. He has a well-defined jaw that perfectly accentuates his facial features, especially when he grows his facial hair out a bit. Donor 5473 is a very good looking individual. He resembles actor Galen Gering.