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Donor #5501

Donor #5501

November 17, 2017

Donor 5501 is an Anonymous donor. He is down-to-earth and family oriented; a strong believer in hard work and humility. He believes in helping others; his strong sense of selflessness is evident in his warm and generous regard for those he meets. He is an amazing listener and conversationalist. He enters conversation with enthusiasm and never fails to make the people around him feel comfortable. His goal is to provide a bright future for his family and he works tirelessly to achieve it. He is a tall, handsome, lithe man with full, flaxen hair and kind hazel eyes. His eyes are bright and contribute beautifully to his symmetrical face and full, pink lips. His smile is sincere and lights up his eyes. When he smiles at someone his attention is fully focused on them. He emits a warm aura of friendliness that is further emphasized by his soft-spoken and polite speech. Still, Donor 5501 has a fun, wholesome character reminiscent of Midwestern sensibilities. He resembles David Hornsby.