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Donor #5502

Donor #5502

March 05, 2018

Donor 5502 is an Anonymous donor. He is quiet, introspective and observant. He is strong-minded and disciplined in every aspect of his life as a result of athletic training since his youth. He schedules his time carefully to ensure that he fits in his daily exercise. Donor 5502 strongly believes in and adheres to a healthy diet. He is never afraid to ask questions when he is in doubt. He is dedicated, communicative, and determined. His build is very athletic as a result of years of disciplined training in various sports. His lean, muscled build is accentuated by his smoldering, intense dark brown eyes and coarse jet black hair. He has a determined and calculated gaze which is a testament to his daily vigorous physical activity. Despite his sharp features, when he presents one of his sporadic smiles his entire face lights up, thus proving that the wait for such an event is worthwhile. His bright smile shows the lively energy, combined with a deep strength of character, which makes up his nature. He looks like actor Charlie Hunnam.